Finishing off an old project

Puzz Mines P (P for prototype) was a project I worked on 2 years ago when first learning Godot. At the time I didn't think it was worth releasing, but upon reflection I'm quite happy with it for the level I was at. Having said that, it did lack some polish. So hey.. what better way to start the year than fix up this old project and release it on Itch!

Man.. finishing the last 5% always takes longer than you expect :). Worth pushing through though!

One stumbling point for me was audio. I'm not yet at the point of creating my own audio so have been using fantastic free resources such as and Even with the assets they provide I find it difficult to sort through them to find the ones I want, let alone getting them to sound okay together in the engine. Interested if anyone has tips on this aspect of gamedev?

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