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Interesting game. I wrote about it in an article on my website (

However I've encountered the camera shaking bug, as well (the Linux version). To me, it only occurred when I maximized the window and in full-screen mode.If I play in the standard window mode (without maximizing it), it works fine.

Great game! Can you share the source code?

Thanks for playing! Yes I usually do once the gamejam is over and any final issues are fixed. Will share in a couple of days. 

I tried playing it but the camera starts shaking a lot. I downloaded the Windows build.

Thanks for playing, I've heard 1 other person notice this but I can't work out why. Did you notice if it happened both fullscreen and windowed? It could be refresh rate related as well, but hard for me to reproduce.

Yes, it happened both in full screen and windowed mode.


No worries, thank you. I will upload a fix if I can work out what is causing it. :)

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your game is buggin