Mum is cooking dinner, and she wants you home by 6pm. Don't be late! Ohh, and you might have to bring the rest of the FAMILY.

This is my first Godot Wild Jam entry. Such an enjoyable process to go through, thanks to all those involved. :)

Some undocumented controls:

  • Alt+Enter = toggle fullscreen
  • M = toggle music
  • ESC = back/quit
  • Click "O" of "DON'T" = reset progress
  • Ctrl+Shift+1/2/3/4/5 = skip to level

Very thankful to my testers:

  • jig, llxu, quoth, goblinhelmet


Developer best scores:

  • Monday - 5:09pm (easy mode 5:09pm)
  • Tuesday - 5:12pm (easy mode 5:12pm)
  • Wednesday - 5:20pm (easy mode 5:17pm)
  • Thursday - 5:46pm (easy mode 5:31pm)
  • Friday - 6:00pm (easy mode 5:41pm)


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dont-be-late-for-dinner-v0-2-0.x86_64 52 MB

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