Simple puzzle game where you must guide a robot home. However your solutions will need to be robust to variability in the environment! No fragile solutions here please. :)

SporkTank entry to Godot Wild Jam #44 (theme "Fragile").


  • Click/drag to interact
  • M to toggle music

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Tags2D, Casual, Game Jam, Godot, grid-based, multi-world, parallel, Pixel Art, Short, Simple


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Love it!

This is a type of game I like in general, but I especially like your UI decision to show both paths when there's an object that may not be there. That's a really nice way of presenting something that could otherwise have been very tedious.


...however, though this is minor by comparison, it would be nice to visually distinguish movable arrows from fixed ones. Anyway, excellent game!


Thank you for playing and thanks for the feedback! It's a good point you make, I'll add it to my list of improvements to make to this game. :)