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Tutorial below. Learn the rules, and progress through the halls and puzzles of The Symmetry Hall Problem! Retro 3d inspired aesthetics, with a (hopefully) enjoyable difficulty curve.

Controls (re-mappable)

  • move - WASD
  • interact - space or LMB
  • toggle run - Shift
  • pause - Escape


  • testers - llxu, thebdk

HOW TO PLAY (correct solutions highlighted in white)

All tiles must be filled with a colour.


A number must be connected to exactly that many tiles of the same colour.


Horizontal and Vertical Symmetry

A line placed through a number indicates the resulting shape must also be symmetric across this line.



The number does not need to be in the centre of the shape.

90° and 180° Rotational Symmetry

A curved line placed through a number indicates the resulting shape must also be rotationally symmetric, either by 2x 180 degree turns, or 4x 90 degree turns.



Diagonal Symmetry

A diagonal line placed through a number indicates the resulting shape must be diagonally symmetric across this line.


The rest of the puzzles are left up to the player! :) 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Educational
TagsCasual, discover-rules, First-Person, Game Jam, Godot, Indie, Low-poly, Retro


windows-the-symmetry-hall-problem-v0-5.exe 43 MB


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This game was so amazing. I did cheat a little, I won't lie, but this is easily one of my favorite games I have played on itch. I absolutely love this genre of game, like the witness or a new game called Taiji, if you have made any other or know of any other games like this let me know. Thanks for such a great time :)


Oh that's great to hear, thanks for playing and commenting. I'm working on a more polished (and a little more content) version - this is good motivation. :)

In terms of other people's puzzle games on Itch I really like this one -> https://krackocloud.itch.io/gridspech

Or I have some other (different) puzzle games, perhaps Robust Robots is the shortest and most fun to play through -> https://sporktank.itch.io/robust-robots


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did a playthrough :)

Thanks for playing and posting the play through! You make some good feedback points which I'll try to incorporate. Cheers. :)

Had to come back and complete the game. I think this may have been my favorite entry. The dragging mechanic improved things significantly on this playthrough. I completed all puzzles in 102 minutes, but I have to admit I had to peak at the answer for that final puzzle. I think my brain stopped working. 

Congratulations again on creating such a great game.

Thank you Delpire! It makes me very happy if I can make a game which draws a player back. Congrats on completing the game, and for your feedback during the jam! :) I look forward to your next entry as well..